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HEY! it's been a looong, really long time since the last time i posted something here :S me bad, me bad.
Anyways i'm posting here to let you know that i'm moving to a new livejournal, i'm gonna be adding you there, i know i haven't post anything here or in your entries, but i'm gonna try to be here as much as i can. please, add me if you wish. And merry christmas!
twilight; bella and edward

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From now this will be my personal livejournal, entries won't be public anymore, if you think we have interest in common then leave  comment here and tell me a bit about you, but don't add me without posting.

I'm gonna post my graphics here:
The community is members only, so you must join to see the entries.
twilight; bella and edward

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Today I went to school, and then I arrived to home and I saw my livejournal, someone has entered in my account and erased everything =(
I feel bad, but I'm not dying as the person wanted; Internet is wonderful, I know, but BUY A REAL LIFE!. Do you think that I will die just 'cause you erased my journal?; well you erased my FOTOLOGs too. I have a few suspects; it's easy, you know? First; you really don't know me but you knew my HP fotologs. I don't want to talk about you,  you're an horrible person.

Well, I'm gonna carry on with my LJ and my graphic community ( the stupid also erased all my icons); every time that all fall down it's a good opportunity  to start again n_n

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